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Did you know that your tile roof should have a maintenance performed every 4-5 years; this will help to prevent leaks. The tiles on your roof can slip or become loose which will expose your felt underlayment to the sun and weather. Tiles can also break which can leak to leaking and debris can build up in your roof valleys and water channels causing water to back up and cause leaking and deterioration to your felt underlayment. Even the seals on your vent pipes can become cracked and allow water to penetrate. All this can be prevented with a simple maintenance performed by your #1 ROOFING CONTRACTOR, COLLINS ROOFING & REPAIR.

Composition roofs also need to have a maintenance performed every 4-5 years. Vent pipe seals can become cracked and need to be re-sealed. It is important to have blown off or damaged shingles replaced and installed to prevent leaks from occurring.

Flat roofs annually need to have the debris cleaned off. Down spouts and drains can become clogged with debris and need to be clear. They also need to be checked for any cracks,splits or tears that will allow water to penetrate.

All trees and shrubs should be kept trimmed back from your roof to prevent clogging to the water channels and keep water running freely and off your roof.

Also remember to always hire a licensed, bonded and insured professional for all your roofing needs.

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